andrew bergman

Andrew M Bergman


Dutch > English translations, copywriting and editing.


25+ years


Born in Cape Town, South Africa. Read Classics at Stellenbosch University before a ten-year career, ultimately as Features Editor of The Cape Times. Moved to the Netherlands in 1999 and into corporate print and online publishing as well as English-language consulting. Dutch correspondent for several international magazines.

Areas of expertise

Consumer electronics, IT, food & beverage, lifestyle and travel, oil & gas, technical.


While still wearing-in his proverbial clogs, asked a Dutch insurance company why anyone would need an uitvaartverzekering unless they had a boat...


Philips, Heineken, Shell, Canon, Endemol, Peter R. de Vries, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.

Lost in translation

Try to build the cultural loading of "in kikkerland het is ongezellig om sluiproutes te nemen" into English...

If things had worked out differently?

CID detective, opera singer, Michelin chef, career soldier (in no particular order of probability).